Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Importance of a Meditation!

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The Great Importance
of a
Good Morning Meditation!

A 15 minute meditation in the morning is very important; it is a strong prayer, rather demanding but very efficacious. A well done meditation in the morning gives a tremendous impetus to be able to offer the whole day to God so that everything that we do during the day will be united to God and thus will last for all eternity! One must do the meditation slowly to let the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts as we read a passage from the Gospels or from the writings of a Saint. In this way we can penetrate the heart of Jesus as well as let Jesus penetrate our hearts. By doing a good meditation every morning, slowly we will become ever more united with Jesus as the branches are unity to the vine. We will begin to think like Jesus, to act like Jesus, to have the same sentiments as Jesus. Only in this way can we become instruments of Jesus with the ones we works with so that the fruits will be true and lasting! Only in this way can we give Jesus to others instead of only giving ourselves to others. Only in this way will we be able to taste the beauty of being united with Jesus who loves each of us immensely and to feel the sweetness of his presence in our hearts and to be able to persevere even in all our difficulties.

15 minutes of a good meditation in the morning also helps us to discover and to believe that God loves each of us immensely thus motivating us to respond to this incredible love during the day. The meditation helps us to keep the presences of Jesus more constantly during the day. Sister Mary of the Cross writes ( “If only you knew what God is, there is no sacrifice that you would not be willing to make, no suffering that you would not endure for Him. If you could see Him for but one minute you would be perfectly satisfied and consoled… What then must it be to see Him for all eternity?” “Tell him (a priest) to be sure in his retreats and missions to recommend strongly the offering up to God of the actions of the day. This advice is not only to people in the world but also for religious communities. People do not always think enough of this and consequently many actions good in themselves will receive no reward at the last day, because they were not first offered up to God.” “Do not let the duties, cares or worries of life, take so much of your time, so as to prevent you from uniting yourself each moment to Jesus, and from knowing and fulfilling His holy will.” “You must strive never to lose sight of Him even for a moment. Do not think that for this reason you will be so absorbed as not to be able to attend to your duties. You will experience the very opposite, that the soul most closely united to Jesus will be the one most exact in all her duties, since Jesus, whom she loves, acts for her. He is, so to say, only one with her. Thus you see that she is ably helped and directed in all she has to do. It is only recollected souls who will have any influence for good around them. Things done differently have no value. The soul that is united to Jesus is the only one that has power over His Heart. She is mistress there and He refuses her nothing.” “Remain closely united to Jesus. Before every action, however trivial, or whatever you may have to do or say, ask His advice. Speak to Him heart to heart as to a friend whom one has always close at hand.” “The more a soul loves Jesus the more meritorious all its actions are in His sight. It is only love that will be rewarded in Heaven. All that is done for any other motive will count as nothing. Love Jesus truly, once and for all, as He wants you to.” “Every action performed in the presence of Jesus merits an extra degree of glory in Heaven and a greater love for Him. Your actions thus performed forge a chain of love that unites the soul closer and closer to its Beloved. When the last link has been completed, Jesus breaks the feeble bonds that keep the soul, now full of merit, in the body, and it becomes united with Him for all eternity.”

As a meditation, I like using a verse from the Gospels with a simple but deep explanation with a concrete application. I am no expert in any way, shape or form, so I take advantage of the writings and the explanations of Sacred Scripture of people much holier than me. Besides “A Manuscript On Purgatory” (, one can find the “Word of Life” each month in the format of MS Power Point Slide Show at:; choose “Inglese – PPS – Word of Life” under the heading “Power Point”. I like very much to do the meditation with nice music and images in the background. If you would like the monthly “Word of Life” simply written without the music or the images, you can also go to: or

May God bless you! Please pray for me as I will pray for you!

Father Joseph Dwight

Friday, June 20, 2008

Let Us Pray... With Our Doggy!

If we love God as much as our doggy loves us, we will soon become great saints!

Let Us Pray... With Our Doggy!

“O Lord of all creatures, help the man, my master, that he might be faithful toward his own kind as I am with him.

Get him to be affectionate with his family and with his friends as I am with him.

Help him to look after, in an honest way, the goods that you confide to him, as I courageously look after his goods.

Give him, o Lord, an easy and spontaneous smile like I wag my tail. Help him to be always grateful and ready to forgive as I am ready to lick the hand that punished me.

Give him patience like mine when I wait for his return without complaining, and give him my courage and my readiness to sacrifice everything for him, even every comfort of life itself. Keep for him my youthfulness of heart and my gaiety of thought.

O Lord, make it so that as I am truly a dog, he might be truly a man”.

(E.S. Jambor)