Friday, June 20, 2008

Let Us Pray... With Our Doggy!

If we love God as much as our doggy loves us, we will soon become great saints!

Let Us Pray... With Our Doggy!

“O Lord of all creatures, help the man, my master, that he might be faithful toward his own kind as I am with him.

Get him to be affectionate with his family and with his friends as I am with him.

Help him to look after, in an honest way, the goods that you confide to him, as I courageously look after his goods.

Give him, o Lord, an easy and spontaneous smile like I wag my tail. Help him to be always grateful and ready to forgive as I am ready to lick the hand that punished me.

Give him patience like mine when I wait for his return without complaining, and give him my courage and my readiness to sacrifice everything for him, even every comfort of life itself. Keep for him my youthfulness of heart and my gaiety of thought.

O Lord, make it so that as I am truly a dog, he might be truly a man”.

(E.S. Jambor)

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assignment helps review said...

I totally agree with you on this. Doggy is the most sincere and faithful animal to man and if we too adopt the way dog is obedient to his master we would become saints.