Monday, May 19, 2008

Jesus, you take care of it!

I do not want to agitate myself, my God,
I trust in You!...
Jesus, you take care of it!
(by the Servant of God, Father Dolindo Ruotolo)

Jesus speaking to the soul:
“Why do you confuse yourself and become agitated? Let me take care of your things and everything will become calm. In truth I tell you that every true, copious and complete act of abandonment in me, produces the effect that you desire and resolves the most thorny situations.
To abandon yourself to me does not mean to rack your brains, to upset yourself and to despair, and then offering to me an agitated prayer so that I might follow you: it is to change the agitation into prayer. To abandon yourself means to placidly close the eyes of the soul, divert the thought of tribulation and put yourself in me, so that only I operate, saying: you take care of it! Preoccupation, agitation and the desire to think about the consequences of a fact is contrary to abandonment.

It is like the confusion children cause who pretend that the mother take care of their needs, but want to take care of it themselves, encumbering with their ideas and their infantile foible her work. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried by the current of my grace, close the eyes and let me work, close the eyes and think about the present moment turning aside the thought about the future as if it were a temptation. Rest in me believing in my goodness and I swear by my love that, saying to me, with these dispositions: you take care of it! I will fully take care of it, I will console you, I will free you, I will lead you.

And when I must lead you in a way different from what you think, I will train you, I will carry you in my arms, I will help you find yourself, as sleeping babies in the maternal arms, on the other shore.

That which upsets you and which does to you great harm is your reasoning, your thoughts, your nagging worry and the desire at any price to take care of that which afflicts you by yourself.
How many things I do when the soul, as much for its spiritual needs as well as its material needs, turns to me saying: you take care of it! close the eyes and rest. You have few graces when you torment yourself to produce these things; you will have many graces when the prayer is fully confided in me. You in your sorrow pray so that I might operate, but only that I might operate as you believe. You do not turn to me, but you want that I adapt myself to your ideas; it is not you the sick that ask the doctor for the cure, but the sick suggests it to the doctor.

Do not act like this, but pray as I taught you in the Our Father: hollowed be thy name, that is be glorified in my need; thy kingdom come, that is that all concurs to my kingdom in us and in the world; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, that is that you arrange in this need as you think best for our eternal and temporal life.

If you truly say to me thy will be done, which is the same as saying you take care of it, I will intervene with all my omnipotence and resolve the most unyielding situations. Do you realize that the misfortune comes right on the heels rather than diminishing? Do not become agitated, close the eyes and say to me with trust: Thy will be done, you take care of it! I tell you that I will take care of it, and that I will intervene as a doctor and accomplish even a miracle when necessary. You see that the situation is becoming worse? Do not get upset, close the eyes and say: You take care of it! I tell you that I will take care of it and there is no medicine more powerful than my intervention of love. I take care of it only when you close the eyes. You have sleepless nights, you want to evaluate everything, to scrutinize everything, to think about everything and so you abandon yourself to human forces and even worse to men confiding in their intervention. It is this that impedes my words and my views. Oh, how I desire from you this abandonment in order to benefit yourself, and how it grieves me to see you agitated!
Satan tends precisely to this: to agitate you in order to steal from you my action and throw you to the prey of human initiatives. Thus you must confide only in me, rest in me, abandon yourself to me in everything. I will perform miracles in proportion to the full abandonment in me and not in any of your thoughts. I give out treasures of grace when you are in full poverty. If you have your resources, even a little, or if you seek them, you are in the natural domain and thus you follow the natural way of things which is often encumbered by Satan.

No thinker ever preformed miracles, not even among the saints.

The one who operates divinely is the one who abandons himself in God.

When you see that the things are getting complicated, say with the eyes of the soul closed: Jesus, you take care of it! Do like this for all of your needs.

Do like this for everything and you will see great, continual and silent miracles. I swear this to you by my love!”


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nice post

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life does have a funny way of turning around when you are least expecting it. They say to leave it in the hands of God that he will guide us but maybe sometimes we have to guide ourselves.