Friday, August 14, 2009

The Marvelous Value of the Holy Mass!

The Mass in a certain manner has as much worth for our Souls, as the death of Jesus Christ had on the Cross (St. John Chrysostom).
It is more acceptable to God the Holy Mass than the merits of all the Angels (St. Lawrence Justinian).
All the steps that one takes to go to participate in the Holy Mass are written and numbered, and for each step there will be granted a supreme award on earth and in Heaven (St. Augustine).
The Mass is medicine to heal the infirm and holocaust to pay for the faults (St. Cyprian).
I assure you, Jesus said to St. Gertrude, that he who participates devotedly in the Holy Mass, I will send in the last instants of his life as many of my Saints to comfort him and to protect him, as the number of Masses at which he assisted well (Lib. 3. c. 16).

Every Mass before the justice of God will perorate your pardon.
At each Mass you can diminish the temporal pain due to your sins, more or less according to your fervor.
Assisting devotedly at the Mass, renders to the holy Humanity of Jesus Christ the maximum honor.
He makes allowances for many of your negligences and omissions.
He forgives you the venial sins that you never confessed of which you had repented.
There is diminished over you the rule of Satan.
You can procure for the Souls in Purgatory the greatest suffrage possible.
A Mass at which you assisted in life will be more salutary for you than many others offered for you after death.
You are preserved from many dangers and misfortunes which would have befallen you.
You diminish your Purgatory with each Mass.

Christ, by means of men, renews his Sacrifice (D. C. Marmion).
The Mass is not just a simple representation of the Sacrifice of the Cross; it does not have only the value of a simple remembrance; but it is a true Sacrifice as that of Calvary, which it reproduces, continues and of which applies the fruits (D. C. Marmion).
The fruits of the Mass are inexhaustible since they are the same fruits of the Sacrifice of the Cross (D. C. Marmion).
Oh! If we might know the gift of God! If we might know what treasures we can draw for ourselves, for the entire Church!... (D. C. Marmion).
In the hour of death, the Masses which you will have devotedly participated in will form your greatest consolation.

Every Mass will procure for you a greater degree of glory in Heaven.
You will be blessed in your work and personal interests.
Might you know, Oh Christian, that you merit more participating devoutly in a Holy Mass than distributing to the poor all of your goods and making pilgrimages all over the earth (St. Bernard).
The Lord grants to us all that we ask for in the Holy Mass, and moreover, he gives us that which we do not even think of asking for and yet is also necessary (St. Jerome).
If we might know the value of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, what ever greater zeal would we offer in participating in it (St. John Mary Vianney).
It is worth more participating devoutly in a Holy Mass than fasting a year on bread and water (St. Leonard).
The Mass is the only Sacrifice which causes the Souls to quickly come out of the pains of Purgatory (St. Gregory).

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