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Likes and Dislikes of the Devil


TO FIGHT IN A BATTLE, IS IT NOT PRUDENT AND NECESSARY TO KNOW NOT ONLY YOUR OWN WEAPONS, TACTICS AND STRATEGY BUT ALSO THE WEAPONS, TACTICS AND STRATEGY OF THE ENEMY? It was recounted to Pope John Paul II that the Vatican's chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, “knows too many bishops who do not believe in the Devil”. The Pope replied bluntly: “Anyone who does not believe in the devil does not believe in the Gospel”. When asked “What do you see as SATAN’S GREATEST SUCCESS?”, Amorth replied: “The fact that he has managed to convince people that he does not exist. He has almost managed it, even within the Church. We have a clergy and an Episcopate who no longer believe in the Devil, in exorcism, in the exceptional evil the Devil can instill, or even in the power that Jesus bestowed to cast out demons. … And they no longer believe in the Devil. We have entire Episcopates trying to counter exorcism. We have countries completely devoid of exorcists, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. This is a shameful shortfall.” (“The FALSE POPE - Saint Hildegard”;

The following was translated by Father Joseph Dwight (, January 2014, from the original document which can be found at:

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Likes and Dislikes of the Devil

FATHER PELLEGRINO MARIA ERNETTI (1925-1994), was a Benedictine Monk in the Abbey of Saint George Major of Venice (Italy), where he received hundreds of people each week to undergo exorcism. He was known for his biblical and theological studies. His knowledge of the various sciences was noted and which constituted sound points of reference for the faithful who came to him not only from all over Italy, but also from outside of Italy, because he was the most prepared exorcist of our time.

Father Pellegrino Ernetti, in an INTERVIEW WITH A JOURNALIST, Vincent Speziale, said: “… today evil (and all of us lament) is spreading ever more throughout the world and in the most varied and refined manifestations.

WHO REACTS TO THIS? WHO FIGHTS THIS? Who takes up the arms of the faith? One cannot pretend to plant the good seed and that it then can put down its roots and produce fruits, if we have not first tilled this soil eliminating the thorns and the bramble of the devil. In vain would be every pastoral effort which does not understand this tactic of spiritual work, because the elect are those who have beaten the dragon in the Blood of the Lamb. Pastoral work begins here and it does not consist in constructing large buildings, oratories, parish works etc., when the priest is not found anymore in the confessional. Because today, with various excuses, the priests are no longer available to the souls, they no longer confess, they consider the Confession as the last thing…! This is mistaken because it is the great Sacrament that there is, because it combats against the devil washing the souls in the Blood of Jesus. Confession not only takes away the sin of the soul, but it gives us an armor with which we can fight against the devil. Regarding this I have a terrible experience!

THUS LET US RUN TO THIS GREAT SACRAMENT FREQUENTLY. Who purifies us of our sins? The Blood of Christ! Who sanctifies us? The Blood of Christ! Who gives us the strength to fight against our spiritual enemies? The Blood of Christ! But who administers the Blood of Christ if there are no priests available in the confessionals? They think about the cars, they think about running to the right and to the left, let alone other sinful things.

At this point the journalist asks him a question:


Father Pellegrino answered: “Now listen carefully. The exorcists have not thought about what I have been forced to do, because if they all would have done this, at this moment we could have had volumes on what the devil likes and dislikes. After having exorcised a person from Austria, I began to record, with the help of my collaborators everything, and so LITTLE BY LITTLE EMERGED, FROM MANY EXORCISMS, A CATECHESIS ON THE DEVIL. I implore you to publish all of it, because perhaps it will be the high points of all the other questions. Let us begin with “What the devil likes”.”

What the devil likes

1. The host in the hand: “So that I can trample on your God, that God which I killed, and I can celebrate my masses with my priests which I snatched from Him”.

2. Priests dressed as street cleaners, camouflaged “so that I lead them where I want, in the hotels and in private houses in search of women and of homosexuals, and I make them commit many sacrileges, and I bring them to my kingdom! How many, how many camouflaged priests are in my kingdom! And they will no longer escape from me” (here one hears cold laughter).

3. The priests and the Bishops enrolled in the Freemasonry and in my sects: “Oh how many, how many there are that I carry away with money and with women… how many, how many become my faithful friends… with money and with women… I take as many as I want, I bring them to my kingdom”.

4. The mini skirts. “With which I ensnare men and women and I fill up my kingdom… what happiness…, what joy”.

5. The television: “Uh, the television…, it is my device, I invented it… in order to destroy the single souls and the families; I separate them, I break them up with my subtle and penetrating programs... uh, the television is the center of attraction with which I draw in so many priests, brothers and sisters especially in the late hours, and then I do not let them pray. In an instant, I present myself in the whole world, they listen to me and they all see me… my faithful servants help me greatly, the sorcerers, the witches, the fortune-tellers, the palm readers, the astrologers. (The dots indicate the continuation of the discourse, the laughter which is nothing like human laughter).

6. The discotheques: “How beautiful, they are my golden palaces where I attract the best hopes of the society which I make mine destroying their souls and their bodies. How many thousands and thousands I carry away with me with alcohol, with drugs and with sex… oh, what a continuous harvest. I have entrusted them to many politicians, my faithful servants, to the consecrated ones… I am the true king of the world, and not formerly your God, who I crucified”.

7. Divorce, the separation of the married couples: “This was invented by me, of it I demand the property… It is one of my most intelligent discoveries… in this way I destroy the family and I destroy the society, where I am adored as the true king of the world… SEX… SEX… do not listen to that man nailed to the cross who does not give you anything… the true pleasure I give to you with free sex, my kingdom is above all the freedom of sexual pleasure with which I reign on the earth”.

8. Abortion, the killing of the innocent: “Oh… hurrah! hurrah! It was my most beautiful and tasty idea! To kill the innocent instead of the guilty and the mafia killers! I destroy humanity and in this way they end, before being born, the adorers of your false God… hurrah! Hurrah!”.

9. Drugs: “It is the most delicious food that I make the youth eat to make them crazy, and in this way I make them do as I want, thieves, assassins, lustful, fierce like me… dominators of the world, my ministers”.

10. But above all I like and I am delighted by those Bishops and those Priests who deny my existence and my work in the world: and there are many, oh! What joy, what joy for me… secure and tranquil work, even theologians today do not believe in my existence, how beautiful, and in this way they even deny that God who came in order to destroy me, instead I won, I nailed Him to the Cross, hahahahaha…! Well done these priests, well done these bishops, well done these theologians, they are my faithful servants, I do with them as I please… By now they are mine, I lead them where I wish, dressed as gravediggers, with the cigarette always in the mouth, perfumed like lady’s men… in search of easy women, with the car of the latest model, full of money, they rebel at the dogmas of their false God and of their false Church of that my crucified victim, they are the most sure soldiers of my kingdom, full full of themselves… With them I instill confusion and loss in the people, who distance themselves ever more from the false God, and I lead them to my kingdom of hate and of eternal desperation, forever with me, with me… ha ha ha ha ha ha! How many of them I have enticed to enlist in my sects… allured by my carrier and by my money, I easily buy them, because I have finally succeeded in making them no longer love their false God, nor that Woman who pretends to have defeated me.

11. The politicians who declare themselves Christian: but they are not Christians, because they are mine and in my service… Presenting themselves as Christians, they deceive many people who follow them where I astutely lead them… They come with me to happily steal money from the people, money which costs sweat and tears of hard work; money ripped from the poor families with iniquitous taxes, imposed by these politicians who get fat, waste, spend and spread without limits… And yet I make them make declarations of rectitude, of goodness, of deference, of loyalty and of Christian sincerity, to the point of causing even priests and bishops to fall with them… Money is my most efficacious weapon; priests and bishops close their eyes on these politicians, my servants and slaves, it is enough that they find the money to build or restore churches, nurseries, beautiful and comfortable parish houses, patronages… They are my most faithful sacristans, by means of which I can penetrate into the houses of the clergy, obedient to my money… In the end was it not these politicians who signed the adultery of divorce and abortion? But my clergy, they are the ones who provide the propaganda that I desire.

12. The politicians who call themselves laymen: they are the avant-gardes of my kingdom… The lies, studied to perfection, the abuses diligently accomplished, the thefts perpetrated Mafia-style, the wheeling and dealing diplomatically executed, the immorality thoroughly diffused with all the mass media, the homicides, the armed organized abductions, the diffusion of various drugs by way of the rigorous conspiracy of silence politically organized, and so many other crimes and social disorders, they are all works which I accomplish by way of the work of these politicians, my followers and most faithful plague-spreaders… They have from me the precise mandate to use all the means and the most infernal ways in order to destroy the society, unfortunately still tied to that crucified One who I hung on the infamous wood, to destroy, to destroy… These politicians are my disciples and preferred followers because they are very obedient only to my nod, without them even realizing it. They are the ones who organize for me in all the cities and countries the most active and underhanded Masonic lodges, most shrewd and with the state of the art, always giving money, career and sexual pleasures… They are the ones who receive my precise commands to penetrate and destroy the Church from within… How many ecclesiastics give in to and continue to give in to the proposals and to the allurements of money and of career … To destroy the Church is my first and ideal project… Oh, what contentment… what contentment…! With these very faithful politicians I have already begun years ago to destroy the society in every sector and rank and in all the environments, destabilizing the public security, the economy, diplomacy, social relations, naturally always with my weapons of ambition, career, money, women, pleasures… Oh what contentment! What joy! What victory, hahahahaha.

13. Judges and magistrates: “I like in a very particular way those judges and magistrates who have behind their shoulders the traditional motto – JUSTICE AND EQUALITY FOR ALL – except for themselves! How good, how faithful are these little slaves of my justice! Finally I have succeeded to even politicize the judges! I have finally succeeded in unionizing them! I have finally succeeded in making them sell themselves with money and bribes! How many innocent people I condemn to prison for years and years…, while I cause to be set free and to be absolved my followers, considered by the people as assassins and rogues…, I get them out of prison because they must continue to expand my kingdom of disorder, with homicides, thefts, drug selling, kidnapping of people and children… What a wonder these my politicized politicians, in political parties, sold; I have reduced them to not recognizing anymore what is just and what is unjust…! Today they are my specialized body of attack against justice! What a wonder to free from prison the great brigantines and Mafioso, and leave inside the poor criminals more or less innocent! How nice it is to let free the false repentant criminals with which I operate with greater security! How nice it is to send to domiciliary arrests those with whom I can freely organize the disintegration of society! Good … very good… corrupt judges! And how many, how many of them pass everyday, always more, into my kingdom, enticed by money and by career and by pride, my weapons loved and desired by them… And those judges who do not want to align themselves with me, I make them disappear… And what is the struggle around them, which increases more and more among these magistrates, if not the fruit of my presence and of my constant and insistent work? And what is the continuous struggle among the magistrates and politicians and the police, if not the effect of the poison that I succeed in constantly injecting among them? It is finished…, it is finished the pseudo-peace which was promised by that clown of your God, who I defeated and crucified… It is finished…, the whole world is with me… by now I am the king of the world…, it is I…!”

14. The sects: “One of my particular predilections are the very numerous Sects which I continue to create and to thoroughly spread throughout the world. They are the more immediate means with which I unhinge the faith in that your false God crucified by me… I create in this way babble in the faith… Your WHITE PRIEST screams and shouts because he is afraid of me, he is afraid that I might take the throne already tottering.. but I have already won, I put the babble in the faith, in the simple as in the learned, including priests, theologians and bishops…, my sects are more and more invincible… my Freemasonry pays, pays very well each of my followers… I will always be the winner I… and the babble in the faith will be my victory… In your Italy alone I have more than 672 of my sects and of my religions which you call satanic, which are crammed with souls vowed and consecrated to me, and baptized with their own blood in my name… They render to me daily worship which I merit as the Sovran of the earth with prayers, with hymns and songs and … with black masses, during which I win trampling over and destroying those hosts in which the stupid Christians believe is present their crucified One… But if it is as they believe, why is it permitted that I destroy these hosts with impunity…? Hahahahaha… These SECTS directed by me together with my followers of higher state of my kingdom, incessantly convert the Christians and render them my faithful followers… they are hundreds and hundreds which in every hour, deny your faith in order to adhere to my sects, where I welcome them with open arms and give them all of my pleasures and all the freedom to live as far away as possible from your Church…, it is true happiness…, true joy which only I can give to you… From the north, middle to southern Italy and on the islands…, everywhere I have my sects which work untiringly. On the other hand, by now, many churches and parishes are without a priest…, I have succeeded in destroying and to cause to die the vocations…, and my sects substitute for the priests… hahaha… From the Jehovah’s Witnesses to the Centers of the Age of Aquarius, to the Steinerantroposofists, to the theosophical, to the Caroline, to the Cenacles 33, to the Centers of Schamannesim, to the Rosicrucians, to the Rainbow, the Mystery, the Ergonians, to Scientology and many many other sects and religions of mine that everyday I invent and create; they are a true army which fights against the Church… and I will win, I will win… even if your crucified One said that THE GATES OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL, hahaha… And this not being enough, I have infiltrated into certain base-groups that you believe are yours… Instead they are mine, I have already seized them throwing into the individuals feverish hysteria… they all become false visionaries of christs and of our ladies who, as they believe they speak… but it is I who reveal myself to them… hahahaha”.

15. The theologians: My theologians, with the doctrines inspired by me… Oh, these really constitute my front line cutting edge! What intelligent theologians! They have understood that those very strict dogmas, dictated by silly ecclesiastical leaders, in reality are childish falsehoods, which collapse before the simple encounter with daily reality ... what good ... very good ones...! As for the rest I lead them to teach my doctrines not only in the ordinary seminars, but even in the highest and most prestigious pontifical universities, even in the Roman University of your WHITE PRIEST (Lateran University). The doctrine of the Death of God I inspired myself, and with it there followed me millions of scholars who have become my disciples and convinced faithful. From the time I reign, your god is dead, he no longer exists. In this way it ended every coercive law: everyone can and should live freely, as I teach: freedom of ideas, freedom of thought, freedom of action ... finally everyone is perfectly free to act and do what they believe and want anywhere, anytime and with anyone ... There no longer exists a standard or rule ... everyone is like me, the master of everything and of everyone: your God is dead! And who could deny that, if your same crucified One said that I, only I am THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD? And if he himself said THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN MY CONTROLLABLE POWER AND COMMAND?... Finally, these theologians, the most intelligent of all, agreed with me. But if God is dead, then it is clear that all the other dogmas have collapsed: the creation, the incarnation, the resurrection, the immaculate One, the Assumption, the Eucharist and all the sacraments ... all little stories invented to hold tight foolish Christians ... And here are hundreds and hundreds of my theologians who even have the courage to challenge the WHITE PRIEST WITH LETTERS AND SIGNATURES ... WHICH HE MIGHT PROVE TO THE CONTRARY, IF HE HAS THE COURAGE AND IF HE IS CAPABLE… He shook his head and left my theologians who continue these teachings, without the slightest reprimand or punishment ... Thus he too agrees with me, in the negation of all its dogmas ... but how good! hahaha ... And while these great theologians are with me, there are other small plague-spreading theologians who, for compensation, deny my existence, as a fairy tale from the Middle Ages, referring all my presences and manifestations to solely psychiatric and psychological facts… Talented, these theologians, these priests, and these ... many bishops ... talented! It is the best service that you can render to me: it allows me to act silently, without the least combat against my presence and my craftiness ... very good ... always do so, continue like this, and I will continue my infernal work without a fight! My intelligent theologians deny the dogmas of your church, and stupid theologians deny my existence ... What a triumph ... ha ha ha ... So where are the heretics of yesteryears? No one! Neither those who deny the dogmas, nor those who deny me, yet in the list of dogmas there was also the one about my existence ...! I have defeated your Church.”

What the devil dislikes:

A) Confession…, what a stupid invention… How much it pains me… it makes me suffer… the Blood of that false God of yours… that Blood how it crushes me.. it destroys me… it washes your souls and if makes me run away (horrible crying screams!)… That Blood, that Blood… is my most atrocious pain… But I have found those priests who no longer believe in confession and send the Christians to receive that false God in sin… Good, good, very good… how many sacrileges I cause to be committed…

B) The meal where you eat the flesh and the blood of that crucified One that I killed… It is here where I loose my battles…, it is here where I find myself disarmed… I no longer have strength to fight…, those who nourish themselves with this flesh and drink this blood become very strong against me, they become invincible against my shrewd seductions and temptations, they seem different from the others, it seems that they have a special light and a very quick intelligence… they reject me immediately and they distance themselves from me and they crush me as if I were a dog… what sadness, what pain to deal with these CANNIBALS… But I fiercely persecute them… and many go and eat that host in sin… hahaha… what happiness… what contentment… what joy… they hate their God and they eat Him, hahahaha! My victory… victory… a hurrah… How senseless are those who waste hours and hours during the day and night, kneeling TO ADORE A PIECE OF BREAD hidden in a box on the altar of that false God. How much these people anger me! They destroy all my works that I obtain through so many sacrilegious Christians, priests, sisters and bishops… How many sacrileges I continually reap, it is my incessant victory… How much pain… How much rage these irrational adorations…!

C) I hate the Rosary… that broken and rotten tool of that woman is like a hammer for me which splits my heat… ahiiii! It is the invention of some false Christians who do not obey me, for this they follow that bad woman! They are false, false… instead of listening to me the one who reigns over the whole world, these false Christians go to pray to that wicked woman, my first enemy, with that instrument … oh how much pain it cause to me…

D) The greatest pain in this period of time for me are the continual presences, the apparitions of this wicked woman in the whole world; she appears in all the nations and she persecutes me snatching from my hands so many souls… thousands and thousands… to listen to her false messages… Fortunately the bishops and priests who do not believe in that vile Woman defend me… they do not believe and so they cause confusion… good, good these my apostles of heresy… hahaha…

E) But what destroys me even more is the asinine obedience to that man dressed in white who commands in the name of the false redeemer and of your false savior… what jackasses… sheep… what rabbits…! To obey a man who loves that wicked woman there, who always persecutes me… what a shame… this destroys my kingdom… But I have lifted up hundreds of priests, brothers, theologians and bishops who make war against him… war without boarders on that white clown. I will win, I will win… hahaha! I will kill him, I will murder him… he will end up very badly. He is odious to my followers, that polish man that loves that wicked woman there… who propagates the Rosary of that low-minded Woman as his preferred prayer… what a coward, what a jackass… he crushes me… ohohohohoh (screams of crying)…!

F) “I am very vexed by those little servants with the head covered who abandon all and everything in order to close themselves within four walls, in order to sacrifice all that is beautiful and good for that God that only I have succeeded in defeating… Day and night they mortify themselves with night prayers and reckless and insubstantial fasting, they do not sleep sufficiently, they do not eat according to the needs of the appetite and of the body which demands the necessary diet, they do not speak freely anywhere and always… taciturn… sulky looking… full of sadness, the most inhuman… they pray, they sing and all this sacrifice they do for who? For what particular motive, for what ends, for what results? Fortunately the vast majority are not very intelligent… dull witted… lacking in willpower who let themselves be dragged in by some dissatisfied priests… poor sissies who do not know the true pleasure of sex with all of its relative pleasures…! Poor little servants, who have never felt the sensations of the flesh, by way of intercourse and by the kisses of my men…! And yet how many of them I cause to fall, I reduce them to a wretched life, sterile, deprived of all fervor, throwing them into the greatest lukewarmness… Yes, I butcher them… because above all I fear the cloistered ones… I fear greatly…! They are my most terrible and well-trained enemies, they rip from my hands so many souls of every sex, of every class and condition… What terrible enemies… when they begin to pray for the conversion of a soul to snatch from me, they no longer stop, no longer… no longer… they are tenacious and obstinate! And then if it is not enough the long and exhausting prayers to their false crucified God, who they shamelessly call their SPOUSE, they then begin with the arduous penances of every type… what enemies… what storm troopers! I have tried many times to diminish the vocations to this stupid life… but unfortunately I have not yet succeeded… there are still too many stupid little and foolish women, even though many times they have college degrees… What enemies…!

G) Then there are my real fierce and relentless persecutors: they are those who are called EXORCISTS; what an ugly breed, what a disgrace in the world… fortunately there are still few, very few, because I dissuade the bishops from nominating them… and these believe me and obey me, even against the command of their crucified God who commanded them: “in my name, cast out demons.” What clowns!!! These bishops are afraid of me, much, very much! I already possess them… and I cause them to not do exorcisms against me, and I do not even allow them to nominate exorcists… what ferocious enemies…! Many times I have succeeded in vindicating myself, to punish them, to slap them, to beat them, to stop them with many different sicknesses, sometimes even serious… But unfortunately they do no give up… they do not give up… And when they approach my victim, I must run away… or sooner or later I must flee… what prayers they do… and always in the name of that their God… and of that their woman mother of the crucified One… Oh, what pain, what torture for me…!”

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Here it is, my dear Vincent, what the devil said by way of the mouth of the possessed who were exercised by me, in the presence of my collaborators and which I recorded on magnetic tape. Certainly, not all the arguments are covered. I brought out only some of them, the more burning and important ones, which will serve, I hope, TO HELP ALL THOSE PEOPLE TO REFLECT WHO WANT TO LIVE SERIOUSLY THEIR OWN BAPTISM, WHICH IS A YES TO GOD AND A NO TO THE DEVIL. The list is tremendous and it merits serious reflection and examine of conscience on the part of everyone. But above all it merits assiduous prayers and penance, the frequent practice of sacramental confession, where the Blood of Jesus purifies us and gives us a very strong shield with which to defeat our enemy.

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